Senior Research

Project Caesar

Developed software for the psychology department at the Florida Institute of Technology. Under the supervision of a member of the psychology department faculty, the team of four developers created a custom hardware and software system to be used in research for the cognitive analysis of non-human primates at the Bravard Zoo. The project consisted of the construction of both hardware and software systems which required knowledge of microcontrollers, 3D printing, C++, the Qt User Interface Framework, Linux, electronics, and software design principles.

Additional information can be found on the Project Caesar website and the Project Caesar Github repository:



Open Source Contribution


Contributed to the open source finance software, GnuCash. These contributions were made by a team of four people working in parallel to submit multiple bug fixes. The corrected bugs were related to mislabeled windows and documents, UI irregularities, calculation errors, and documentation improvements. The team collaborated using tools such as Slack for communication, and Github for code collaboration.


Creed Memorization Tool

Developed an educational tool for Pi Lambda Phi fraternity. The purpose of this program is to serve as an educational tool for new members of the fraternity. The tool is a repetition program that has users input lines of the creed of Pi Lambda Phi and gives feedback on whether or not the input was correct. Users will continue this pattern until they have successfully memorized the creed itself. The tool was developed in Java and a GUI was implemented using JavaSwing.

A web version of the application is available at the link below. The web application is written with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Open Source Contribution

The Battle for Wesnoth

Contributed five bug fixes and completed a feature request for the open source video game The Battle for Wesnoth. The bugs and feature request were developed using C++ and involved many different areas of the game such as documentation, difficulty levels, unit animations, unit stat balancing, new game starting player stats, settings menu UI adjustments, and adding a mute sound hotkey option to the keyboard settings.

Development Competition

Thales - Project Arduino Challenge

Participated in an international competition for the Thales company. This project was developed by four team members working together to create a GPS guided parachute delivery system. The system used an Arduino microcontroller to determine current and target GPS coordinates and control a parachute connected to motors in order to steer the delivery to the correct location. The code for this project was developed using the Arduino IDE by all four members.